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At Outdoor Landscape Innovations, we understand with all of our hearts that you care about your outdoor lawn, so we guarantee that nothing but the very best solutions will be provided for all your needs in sod installation.
Think of us as the local sod installation experts but without the average, amateur-sent lawns—designed to include lumps or layers of sod sure not to adhere. Overall, our sod installations are attractive and practical.
Expect a team of professional, friendly, and reliable sod-installation landscaping experts to care for and precisely finish your landscape.

Why Choose Outdoor Innovations for Landscaping Sod Installation?

At Outdoor Innovations, we take extreme pride in our excellent landscaping services for sod installation. Here are some reasons why you’d be content with our services:

Expertise and Experience

Our proven professionals are competent with years of practice in the landscaping field and are backed by knowledge and tools to ensure your sod installation is without flaws. We keep up with updated techniques to provide the best results possible.

High-Quality Sod

High-quality sod means your lawn can be vital, colorful, and tough. We only select sod based on durability and aesthetic features, as either way, it will be nice and green, thus adding beauty to your property.

Customized Solutions

We understand that no two lawns are the same, which is why we provide tailored solutions for your needs when it comes to installing sod. We have all the answers, whether it's a total overhaul of the lawn or just partial sodding.

Competitive Pricing

At Outdoor Innovations, we strive to offer the best quality at the most competitive price. All prices are fully transparent and are free from hidden charges, ensuring you get the highest value for your money.

Our Sod Installation Process

Streamlined, Transparent, and Tailored to You
Our process is detail-oriented and easy to get. It goes as follows:
Our Sod Installation Process
  • Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our team to bring your landscaping vision to life.
  • Our design team will assist you in selecting the ideal type of grass and layout to best complement your home and garden.
  • We manage the complete installation process, from site preparation and soil grading to laying the sod.
  • Our experienced installers ensure each piece of sod is perfectly placed and aligned for a seamless, healthy lawn.
  • We provide guidance on watering, mowing, and fertilization to help your new lawn establish and thrive.
  • Ongoing support is available to address any questions or concerns, ensuring your lawn remains beautiful and healthy.
  • The process includes options for integrating pathways, edging, and lighting features to enhance both aesthetics and functionality.
  • A final inspection is conducted to ensure every detail adheres to our high standards and meets your expectations.

Types of Landscaping Sod Installation

At Outdoor Innovations, our turf varieties suit virtually all applications for your outdoor needs. The following is a quick brief on some of our best applications for sod:





Types of Drainage Installation

We offer various drain types including:

French Drains

Ideal for controlling subsurface water and preventing soil erosion. These drains use a gravel-filled trench and a perforated pipe to direct water away from your property.

Channel Drains

Perfect for efficiently removing surface water in areas like driveways and patios. They use a linear channel to quickly direct water to a safe runoff area, minimizing flooding risks.

Sump Pumps

Best for areas prone to flooding or where gravity drainage is inadequate. Each system is chosen based on the landscape’s specific needs and your personal preferences.

Benefits of Sod Installation

Installing sod offers numerous benefits that make it an excellent choice for enhancing your landscape:

Instant Results

Sod offers instant gratification, delivering a lush, green lawn immediately, unlike seeding.

Erosion Control

Sod helps prevent soil erosion, making it ideal for sloped areas and regions prone to heavy rainfall.
Weed Prevention

Weed Prevention

A well-installed sod lawn minimizes the growth of weeds, reducing the need for herbicides and maintenance.
Enhanced Curb Appeal

Enhanced Curb Appeal

A beautiful, green lawn enhances the overall value of your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Here are some FAQs to clear any doubts you may have:
Sod landscaping can be defined as the planting of pre-grown grass on prepared ground in a way that an instant lawn is created. This is fast, just like the alternative to seeding, in that the established greenery is immediate.
Sod usually takes 2-3 weeks to root deeply, on its own, into the soil. Thus, the sod usually planted within this period requires a lot of watering.
Yes, you can lay sod at just about any time of the year — it’s fine unless the ground is frozen. However, spring and fall both offer the best growing conditions.
The new sod must be watered consistently and immediately through the first two weeks to maintain a moistened condition. New sod shall generally be watered at least twice in a day during the first period.
Which would be the best type of sod to use would depend on the specifications of the exact place, the climate, and the type of soil. We shall advise you in the choice of a sod suitable for your lawn.
Maintenance entails the complete watering manner, fertilization, mowing, and weeding needed to keep sod lawns of their pleasant fitness. Our maintenance services will make certain that all those elements of your lawn are taken care of, leaving your garden in a pinnacle situation.